State Line Machine, Inc. has a full-service track press. We provide:

  • Complete undercarriage replacement
  • Pin and Bushing maintenance
  • Track shoe replacement


State Line Machine, Inc. offers a full line of welding services. This includes:

  • Complete bucket and blade repair
  • Frame, boom and stick welding
  • Pin bore restoration


State Line Machine, Inc. offers a full line of line boring services at your shop or ours.

Additional State Line Machine Services

Parts and Service

  • Used and rebuilt undercarriage parts
  • Rebuilt buckets and good used buckets
  • Undercarriage and ground engaging inspections

Other State Line Services

  • Emergency parts delivery
  • Undercarriage inspection
  • Supply cutting edges for any make and model
  • Custom making cutting edges to fit the customer's application
  • Buying surplus wear parts: Bucket teeth, cutting edges, undercarriage, attachments etc.
  • Assisting customers in managing their wear parts needs and reducing their cost per hour and downtime.